The Story of a Brand

Whisky with an Edge
Let us tell you about our brand;  a piece of history,
our philosophy and an ancient saga...

The Edge

Viking sagas and old legends often tell the story of magical swords. Sharper, stronger and fiercer than any other, with names such as Grim or Excalibur.

Swords that were more exclusive and powerful than any other swords of the Viking era. Swords engraved with a name on the blade, like INGELREÐ.  

This is the inspiration for each bottle of Ingelred whisky.

Archaeologists have now proved that there might be some truth to the legends. Swords have been found in Northern Europe, made from steel of a quality that was not to be seen yet for a thousand years in this area. This steel can be traced as far away as to the Far East and India.

The legend of INGELREРis over a thousand years old. 

The INGELREРsword combined the best of two worlds: from India the materials and advanced knowledge to make high carbon steel, and from the North the exceptional skills of a Viking blacksmith.

The saga

In the Völsungasaga, Regin is the brother of the dragon Fafnir. Regin offers to make a sword for Sigurd, but Sigurd broke every sword Regin forged for him by striking at an anvil.   Sigurd retrieves the broken pieces of his father Sigmund's sword - Gram - and brings them to Regin. Regin repairs the sword and gives it back to Sigurd. 

When Sigurd again tests the blade by striking the anvil, the anvil this time is split down to its base.

Sigurd also tests the blade by placing a woolen coat in a river, the current pushing the wool against the sword was enough to cause the blade to cut the coat in two. Sigurd then went home happy.

The philosophy

Ingelred Whisky is owned by three old friends, wanting to create an individual bottler specializing in producing uniquely-matured whisky. 

Ingelred Whisky brings together the craftmanship of a Scottish whisky distillery with Nordic innovation. 

Just like the old Ingelred sword - and its fellow swords in history and sagas - no limits when it comes to great ideas and groundbreaking collaborations!

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