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If you do have the appropriate age in your country to buy alcohol,

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In Sweden we have a great partnership with our friends at Clydesdale, the link next to every bottle presented below

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Our second launch is now bottled!

Ingelred Whisky second launch includes four variations of Bourbon matured whisky.

As in the first launch two bottlings come from the same newmake.

One is matured on fresh Bourbon cask and the other on refill Bourbon.

This launch also includes a 17-year-old matured on refill bourbon where unusual vast amount

has gone to “Angels’ share”. A potential for an exclusive bottling since it´s only about 100 bottles in total.

The fourth variation is the first peated whisky from Ingelred Whisky and also the first from Caol Ila distillery. 


Cask #307971 Bourbon 2011

This is Ingelred Whisky’s first bottling from Caol Ila

as well as the first peated whisky.Matured on Bourbon cask.

This whisky has a soft and fresh peated nose with hints of

olive oil, wood shavings, lime zest, vanilla and

fruit caramel. The taste is mildly peated,

sweet with hints of candied sugar

and citrus.  

Reasonably long and sweet finish with element of bitterness. 

Cask #683 Refill Bourbon 2008

This bottling is from the same newmake as #685.

Matured on refill Bourbon. Soft nose that includes

vanilla, fudge, raisins, cinnamon and Christmas

baking. Well-developed taste,

cough drops, dried fruits,

molasses with a hint of pepper in the long finish.

Cask #685 First Fill Bourbon 2008

This bottling is from the same newmake as #683.  

Matured on first fill Bourbon. Fine and fresh nose

with clear hints of vanilla and oranges.

The taste includes almond praline,

honey, and banana mallow.  

The long finish includes dried fruit, leather and hint of pepper. 

CASK #384 Refill Bourbon 2003

Matured on refill Bourbon. Well-developed nose

with flower, citrus and apples. Round taste

typical for matured Bourbon,

sweet fudge, vanilla, raisins

and marzipan. Very long and pleasant finish.

Cask #387 Ex Bourbon 2003

After 16 years in the same ex-Bourbon cask, this Ingelred Whisky

has an apple and marzipan nose, little spiritous.

This whisky has the typical vanilla nose from

American oak, and banana-mallow

equally typical for the distillery.

Delicate taste with clear vanilla and sweet and long finish.

Cask #412 Port Finish 2004

This expression of Ingelred Whisky has 14 years on 2nd fill

bourbon barrel no 417. In 2018 it was re-racked into a

Port Hogshead to gain even more aromas and taste. 

The whisky has an amber color with a

little hint of pink. It is very fruity on

the nose with vanilla, peach

and sultans.

The taste is rich and fruity with a touch of salt and a sweetness in the finish. 


Cask #189 Sherry Butt 2008

After 12 years on a Sherry Butt this Ingelred Whisky has

malty Sherry notes on the nose, with some dry oak 

and hints of redcurrant. The taste is powerful

and full-bodied, with herbal notes and hints

of dark chocolate leading to a spicy finish that grows sweeter.

Cask #117 Californian Red 2010

For 10 years this Ingelred Whisky has been in American oak,

previously used for Californian red wine. The whisky has

a fruity and floral nose with sultanas, and an

earthiness. It’s rich and malty in taste with

dried fruit, vanilla, chocolate and a hint of butterscotch.

Cask #118 Californian Red 2010

From the same new-make as #117 and has also spent 10 years

in American oak, previously used for Californian red wine.

But this whisky has a candied orange zest nose

with cloves and overripe banana. The taste is

honey, caramel and allspice with soft tannins and a fruity finish.

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